Roadkill is a dutch Heavy Metalband with the headquarters in Rotterdam. Roadkill plays straight Heavy Metal, influenced by 80's metalbands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween, Judas Priest, DIO and many others.

Altough Roadkill started out playing Rockcovers, they soon began composing and playing their own songs and found out that was the way to go. After a few bandchanges Roadkill ended up in the current line up...

Bardo           -  Bassguitars
Mac Blade    -  Vocals
Ricky R.        -  Rhythmguitars
Gary             -  Drums

With the rocksteady rhythmguitar from Ricky, the unstoppable "Barbarian Brothers of Beat" Gary and Bardo and the awesome powerful guitars and voice from Mac Blade, Roadkill is more that ready to show you what Heavy Metal is all about.


Armed with the brandnew album "Land of the Dead", Roadkill is going to convince all unbelievers that they are at the top of the Heavy Metal foodchain. Check out the "Gigs" section to see when they are playing at a venue near you!!